Draft Day


6ixteen of the 6ix's finest have been selected for their unwavering passion for art, ball and culture. This is the dawning of a new age. Don't let the confident swagger mislead you. These young men possess an awareness and understanding that commentary isn't a commitment. They propel culture forward because the know observation isn't action. These boys put in that work, oh yeah you gonna learn today. These 16 young men from all ends of The 6ix are set to connect as storytellers to share, radiate and reflect on the art and culture of basketball. 

There is no city more uniquely connected through art, basketball and culture than that of Toronto. From the west-end to the east-end, our city has a young, rich and dynamic voice. A dialect that is tinged with inflections of our mosaic city with an attitude tempered by our climate and location. Coming from the cold is this vanguard that radiates the heat of the chart-topping music, art and top draft picks our city is known for.

To kick things off, the squad convened upon the NIKEiD Studio for a chance to learn about the inspiration behind the athletes and their signature footwear that inspire us on and off the court. Every colour, line and lace tell a story and The Nike brain trust walked us through the footwear designs of, Kobe, LeBron, KD & Kyrie. With detailed insight, colourful anecdotes, Charles Yearwood of Nike Canada highlighted the insight and inspiration of each silhouette and placing a spotlight on the perspective the athletes input has in the evolution of each year's new model iteration. Very clutch. 

The Vanguard were then given a chance to weave textiles with personal testimony and perspectives, and build out customized models from Nike’s 4 signature athlete models of Kobe, LeBron, KD & Kyrie. The storytelling flowed from their minds and onto the digital screens with the help of NIKEiD designers who acted as sounding boards to the tales that were told for footwear made by Nike and designed by us.

Welcome to The Vanguard.