Crew Love


Those that ascend to that number one spot tend to dot the map with their travels. Alongside them are their crew that keep them in check & provide fuel to push them further. The Vanguard descended upon The Hazelton Hotel, a hotspot for ballers of all kinds in the heart of Yorkville to sit down with a pair of #1's - BOI-1DA & Anthony Bennett. These two northern stars represent a new era of talent from The 6ix that has charted unprecedented success from behind the boards and on the hardwood.

We chopped it up with BOI-1DA & AB about their rise to the top of the charts and the draft, the importance of the company they keep and what it means to rep The 6ix. We then headed to The Hazelton Hotel's penthouse baller suite, to battle against BOI-1DA in some rounds of NBA2K16. Nike's and BOI-1DA's connection to 2K dates back to 2K6 & most recently Kyrie Irving debuted the KYRIE2 while live streaming and playing against fans. From our penthouse perch, the experience was next level, as trash was talked, game was put down & a winners circle was formed. 

Welcome to The Vanguard.